In the past, the big record companies and publishers built up the artists from the ground up. This has changed a lot in the past few years. In the digital world, artists today are able to take control of themselves and promote themselves through social networking and media platforms. The major labels are almost only looking for complete artists who bring the whole package for a signing.

Team 33 Music helps newcomers reach the next level. We put together a budget-related production plan for the artist, which is individually adapted to the needs. In cooperation with the internal Studio 33 we will be able to produce new songs for the artist, take existing productions to a new level and create visual content.

Often it’s just a matter of the budget, to move the ideas you have forward. We still believe in talent and industriousness and will try to find the best solution for the artist and us, as the supporting joint, to gain profit out of it. We all want to live from the music right?

We are always looking for new artists and hit-potential songs that we can touch for the world to hear. With all our experience, we give every artist honest feedback and have lots of tips on image, own promotion and, of course, song selection.

If you think we can help you and you are interested in getting you forward, send us your stuff and contact us here:

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