Digital Distribution:

We get it online! Team 33 Music is also able to make their music available on all the popular download and streaming sites worldwide. Sometimes in the past it was hard to find the ideal partner for our music right away, so we decided to create our own distribution service. Nowadays many artists are able to promote their music by themselfs and don’t really depend on major labels to have success. This completes the package for newcomer-artists, that we are always trying to move forward and give them a strong platform to promote their music.


Physical Distribution:

Although the sale of CD has gone down in recent years, there are always customers who want to hold their music in the hand. Especially musicians who travel a lot, who have gigs all the time and want to sell their CD there, are asking us to print a small edition. In addition, we are also able to provide the CD with our partner distribution (Zyx Records) worldwide for sale.



The vinyl is currently experiencing an upswing. Of course, we want to follow that, and we recently are offering to have your music pressed on vinyl. Still, it is an elaborate process to implement and we are the right support for it.


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