Esther Filly invented the RIDSTYLE!

Ridstyle is modern retro soul, a bit of jazz, Motown, pure joie de vivre, lifestyle, freaky and funk. Not just ONE drawer, Esther Filly is a whole closet!

Esther has long been no stranger to the media and music connoisseurs, countless appearances on big stages and famous events, on TV, radio and with well-known colleagues have now graced her path worldwide since 2010. Esther is not only blessed with a unique exceptional voice, but also with a personality that one likes to have around, a modern soul diva with heart.

“Bringing a smile to the soul with music, bringing joy, hope and confidence, that’s my calling!”

You can book Esther Filly Ridstyle as a solo artist or with her band!

However, Filly drew the great attention to herself in 2016, with her happy song “FREAKY” the songwriter succeeded in the media and fans on everyone’s lips.

In 2017, she was invited to participate in the blind audition for “The Voice of Germany” and reached over 4.5 million enthusiastic viewers in one fell swoop. Her performance now has over 384,000 views on YouTube.

When the Hamburg-born Esther Filly comes on stage, you immediately experience a wow effect, and when she then begins to sing, you really can hardly believe your ears. An incredibly unique and extraordinary voice fills the room. The very special atmosphere at Esther Filly’s concerts simply cannot be described in words. It is the “Ridstyle” that turns her performances into pure energy and passion. This is how the successful trendsetter calls her very own style, which means as much as “freeing and releasing yourself”, which is exactly how you experience the artist, absolutely authentic and highly audience-oriented. With Esther Filly a singer stands in the public, who inspires the crowd with her unique soul voice, her wonderfully rousing own songs and hearty manner.
An absolutely exceptional artist who manages to immediately infect and captivate people of all ages with her joie de vivre, charisma and colorful musical program.

“Conjuring a smile in the soul with music, bringing joy, hope and confidence, that is my calling!”

Esther Filly loves music, people and life, you can hear and see that and once you have experienced her live, you will not want to leave this unique artist.

Esther writes the lyrics of her own songs herself, encouraging, motivating, with depth, always honest and fully taken from life.
Committed and with a big heart, Esther Filly is also convinced again and again for many social projects. In 2019, she became patron of the animal protection Mölln-Ratzeburg. Esther gave concerts at the invitation of the Federal Ministry in war zones such as, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali and Kosovo. She sings for needy and sick children, advocates for the elderly and homeless. And is always a welcome celebrity guest at various charity events, such as the HOPE Gala, Steps 4 Charity in favor of the RTL Spendengala, More than a warm meal, Welthungerhilfe and many more. In addition, Esther Filly has been the official peace ambassador of the American charity jewelry manufacturer “Bullets4Peace” since 2013.

At Filly’s concerts you can hear her own songs as well as the musical highlights of all times, Esther revives them through her voice.

In 2021, she signed a record deal with Team 33 Music and will release her Hit “FREAKY” in a refreshed style in January 2022.

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